Monday, January 18, 2010

Google! I'm here! SEO discovery.

I  worship her like a god but she doesn't even know that I exist. No, I am not talking about Megan Fox. I am talking about Google. Being noticed by Google means online traffic and online traffic means online profits and online profits means I can finally stop sucking my mouse for nourishment and finally afford some real food. It's about choosing the right keywords.

The word that I choose is online profits since my blog is called Aaron Lee Online Profits. My name and the nature of my blog. As you can see, this the result.

This is of course not an extremely popular keyword as you can see, but it is alright because to me, that means less competition. Kind of like Jackie Chan, not for everyone.

While words like make money online is more popular!

This is like Tom Cruise. More of everyone's taste.

So what I learned today about SEO is choose your niche carefully and make online profits! For more information about SEO please visit sites like and of course You can also check keywords at Google Adwords.

This is what I have learned so far, it isn't much I know but Rome isn't ...... ok I wont be so cliched.

Hope you find this useful! 

6 visitors!

After a day after writing my blog  I have got 6 unique visits for my blog. I learned this by using GOOGLE Analytics . If you are new to the online business you should try this too! I am really pumped up!

Some will say 6?! You are in my official loser list. Yeah yeah it may be 6 now but it'll grow. Rome is not built in a day. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My blogging Idol John Chow!

Chow. John Chow. Ok, maybe he is not an International Secret Agent but he's cool. I stumbled upon his site one day and it was informative. (Go to)
Upon going to his site you will receive a free e-book that is of course better than those piece of cr@p online profits guru e-books out there. Did I mention it's free? I hope you find this useful.

Day 1 $0. (This is harder than I thought)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the beginning....

In the beginning, man and women were hairy and naked. Yes, I have just imposed an image of a hairy and naked couple in your brain. Naughty me. Anyway, I am an aspiring internet mogul. Notice the word aspiring. That means I am currently a broke and I am living with my parents. If you are thinking that I am going to share the secret of being wealthy, not yet. You're better off taking book writing lessons with O.J Simpson.Anyway.

I am fed up of being broke and poor. Therefore I have set myself a goal to be as rich as batman but not as emo (superman's parents were blown to bits and you dont see him being emo, it is time to let go Bruce). My goal is to earn 1 million dollars on the internet in 2 years.

I realize that that goal is kinda, well proposterous but sucess is not built on a feather bed. I shall share my journey on the internet and hope that it would inspire most of you to take the giant leap as well. Today is day no.1, total earnings $0.